The Fantasy Face-off Episode 3!

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The Fantasy Face-off is a fun way to bring #fantasyfootball information through the format of a gameshow.  We will have analysts from the Fantasy Community join us to answer trivia type questions and provide insight to help inform your Fantasy Decisions.

This episode, we are joined by Jon Bray @Fipa_Bray and Jeremy Funk @DFF_Deuces as we discuss 1,800 yd Players, QB1 weeks and Historical 2Ks.

You may visit the Bracket on our Fantasy Face-off Page

Arthur Richardson

Industrial Engineer by day, all around fantasy enthusiast by night. I enjoy the convergence of metrics, film study, and player knowledge that helps to inform fantasy decisions. Mostly passionate about the interactions within this wonderful community! Am truly blessed to be a father of 3 and have a wife that supports this obsession!

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